Pyron Vastu kit (Set of all 9)

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Pyron Vastu Kit


Set of all 9 Pyrons:

Sun - Vitality - Represents purifying energy, vitality and motivation.

Mars - Courage - Represents the commander in chief of the assembly of the gods.

Jupiter - Spirituality - Represents energy, knowledge, self-illumination, spiritual power
                                  and courage.

Saturn - Happiness - Represents wisdom, awareness of right and wrong, happiness
                                  and honesty.

Ketu - Prosperity - Represents wealth, blessing, growth and all around prosperity.

Moon - Calm Mind - Represents life giving mother energy and is connected with the

Mercury - Business - Represents merchant like nature, makes it take risks and

Venus - Luxury - Represents romance, beauty, passion and luxury.

Rahu - Status - Represents fame, status, success, physical attractiveness and

Great for readers and healers.