Pyron Feng Shui Kit (Set of 9)

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Pyron Feng Shui Kit (Set of 9)

Secret Features :

  • Inbuilt pyramid yantra with 9 pyramids and 81 base pyramids
  • Fortified with 9 pre-programmed copper discs at the bottom
  • Can be combined with any other pyramid instrument system

Description :

PYRON, with its mystical powers, can enhance the essence of life, including prosperity, marriage, health, career opportunities and luck.

Due to PYRON's multiple benefits, it gives you easy solution to all Vastu, Feng Shui and Chi management methods.  PYRON has a wide range of more than 36 yantras, each with a specific purpose and a programmed computer 'silver code' on top of it.  Choose one or more according to your wish and purpose.

Every Feng Shui pyramid is appropriately grouped together capable to be installed individually or all at one particular position. Each Pyron Pyramid includes a specific objective, as follows.

Pyron - Pink-Love - Represents union and relationships
Pyron - Red-Fame - Represents illumination of self, reputation and visibility
                                (fame) in the world
Pyron - Live Green-Wealth - Represents wealth, blessing, growth and
Pyron - Green-Family Relationship - Represents elder, ancestors, family, health
                                and well being
Pyron - Brown-Education - Represents inner knowledge, wisdom and quietness
Pyron - Blue-Career - Represents your journey through life/career
Pyron - Metallic-Helpful Friends - Represents leadership, achievement, helpful
                                friends, mentors and teachers
Pyron - Gray-Children - Represents creativity, joy and children
Pyron - Yellow-Health - Represents balance, harmony and health

(Available in a kit of 9 for Feng Shui and also in singles)