Fortune Door

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This is the new revolutionary inner
pole technique designed by the inventor of PyraVastu - Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt. Now-a-days, 85% of the buildings and houses are not aligned to the magnetic axis. Hence, we need to use this unique yet simple, new-age technique. Pyra Vastu starts from within-from the
Pyra Center. The Pyra Vastu Purush has 360 degrees radiating energy hair and hence this technique has 360 degrees interaction in all
directions. There are 32 entrances, hence divide 360 degrees in 32 parts. So, one part is of 11.25 degrees. Use Fortune Door Locator-sacred circular Mandala and locate a clear positive space on the wall. Now fix your Fortune Door on the wall just above the level of normal doors in your house. It's like opening a new virtual door in your house to attract more fortune.