All About Luck

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All About Luck

Secret Features :

  • Power of built-in 81 pyramids with extra energy of 9 gold pyramids.
  • Boosting energy of 9 Divine Aum on top.
  • Bottom is activated with 8 copper discs and 1 Gold radiator disc.


Triple Pyramid Luck for all-round Success. Improves fortune by removing blocks in luck. Use for shops, offices, homes and factories. Ideal for home and especially at workplace. Helps in improving results by controlling fate.

Easy To Use :

Hang with a brass screw on the wall of your shop or home or
inside the office facing the entrance. You can increase the power by fixing multiple Discs in the same office. It is very simple to use and gives fantastic results. Also recommended for meditation rooms and therapy centers.

PyraCard (Luck & Fortune)
New pocket size pyramid yantra with Ba-gua Square for wealth and prosperity. Ready to use, just place the card in your pocket or purse or a bag that you carry with you. This innovative way for personal vastu and harmony give miraculous results. Get the unique feature of pre-programmed 9 copper pyramids and a gold base disc at the bottom. Plus explore the power of FaMaa yantra inbuilt on the top for optimum results. So just choose a card and enter the world of more wealth and prosperity today!