All about Fortune

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All about Fortune:This kit comes with Fortune chip, Fortune plate, Fortune key chain, Fortune seat $72.00 Bring the fortune in everyday life with this kits comes with one each of

Fortune chip

Fortune Chip Pre Prgogrammed pyramid Yantra for Success & Prosperity Unique Power-chip for files, plans, books, computers, laptops, ipad To attract luck, fix on important files, books, lockers, computers, cash registers. A versatile tool to give starting boost to any project.

Fortune plate:Fortune (Name) Plate(pyramid) (name plate for fixing at Entry) Optimize your fortune This preprogrammed pyramid yantra not only helps to remove all fortune blocks and remove their ill-effects

Fortune key chain Fortune Key Chain key Chain for Lockers, car and important keys. A novel concept to energize and protect important keys. Help improve inflow of cash and valuables when used for cash box and bank lockers.

Fortune seat:Fortune Seat Fortune seat pyramid(For enhancing Business & Finance) Enhance your business and finance This yantra with flexible Pyra power plate inside is for prosperity, which attracts more money and business.