Agro Pyramid Seed Charger

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Agro Pyramid Seed Charger 

Secret Features :

  • Power of in-built Multi-Layer Pyramids.
  • Special chamber for seed charging at the center to collect the cosmic energy.
  • The bottom is activated with 9 copper energizers.



Agro Pyramid brings the mystical powers of pyramids to agricultural use. Agro Pyramid improves crop output by enabling the divine pranic energy to reach the core of the seed protecting it against all negative environmental forces.


  • More returns with less labor and lesser use of fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Creates powerful momentum at the soul of the seed for a healthy crop.



Put 100-150 gms of seeds in the pyramid tray. Place the tray in the center of the nine pyramid plate. Cover the tray with the big pyramid. Repeat your wish for a better crop by placing both hands on both sides of the whole Agro Pyramid for 5 minutes. Keep it for 10 hours for self charging. Mix the charged seeds with 1 kg of normal seeds for 1 hour before sowing. Basically one Agro Pyramid can be used to charge a lot of 1 kg seeds in 10 hours. So with one Agro Pyramid you can get 2 kgs of charged seeds in a day. For charging larger quantities use more Agro Pyramids. You have to sow the seeds within 21 days after charging for best results.

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