The book of Nothing Hsin Hsin Ming

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You are the way and you are the goal, and there is no distance between you and the goal. You are the seeker and you are the sought; there is no distance between the seeker and the sought. You are the worshiper and you are the worshiped. You are the disciple and you are the master. You are the means and you are the end; this is the great way. Osho

There is little known about the ancient Zen master, Sosan, yet with very few words he has revealed how a river finds its course, how a seeker finds its path
without knowing. Step by step, Osho unlocks the meaning within Sosan's verses, revealing the individual , tangible maps contained within every seeker of truth. Though this book the reader can be awakened to sense his own way forward. This is not a guide book filled with instructions on which turns to take, which decisions to make. It is a book in which Osho skillfully uses words to carve a path into the heart of meditation - a phenomenal journey that begins with the words on a page and ends in the most profound silence of The Book of Nothing:Hsin Hsin Ming