Reiki Smart Fire

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Reiki Smart Fire

Neutralize negative vibes and create positive space for better healing


Energize your Healing Space!

Smart Fire

Unlease the power of 'Fire' the most essential force required for the universal expansion and growth! Fire has been an important part of many cultures and religiions, from pre- history to modern day, and was vital to the development of civilization. Fire is considered a messenger.

Fire in many ancient cultures symbolizes purification through burning of negativity and obstacles.

It is also capable of the renewal of life through the warmth and comfort of those very same flames. Fire represents the creativity and passion that all intellectual and emotional beings have. It is an active force that has the passion to create, animate and bring into manifestation all ideas and imaginations.

Let the millions of photons that are released from this fire neutralize all negative vibes and create positive vibe and harmony in your space, thus making it ideal for healing!

A perfect instrument for healing rooms, Reiki clinics and homes! The radiating crystals enhance results.


. A specially designed tool that has 91 pyramids, 9 copper plates, and a special yanta power plate with copper triangles to send distant Reiki energy.

. An eight directional negativity removal plate that can be used as per your problem.

. Unique 8 clear quartz healing crystals for 8-directional healing.

. This new Smart Fire instrument can create a strong and dynamic motivating force in the atmosphere. It arouses the core of millions of charged 'PHOTON' particles around us, with the motivating and positive energy of our own resolve.

. Your tool is a part of the SmartNet so you automatically join the spiritual circle of light with millions of others to enhance your healing.


1) Patient's negativity does not enter into you.


2) It purifies and cleanses the space before and after each healing session by neutralizing negative effects and creating positivity.

3) Unique Eight-directional energy, communication for your patients that is body part specific.

4) 100 times more powerful than visualization alone, as the yantra is specially designed to communicate with your environment, that helps the eight energies to crystallize within you so that you are empowered to achieve your dreams.


As shown in the Figure, there are 3 components in this tool:

1. Ceramic vessel for camphor tablet.

2. 8 Clear Quartz healing crystals.

3. A Eight Directional Healing Plate.

4. A Star Stand.

5. A Smart Fire Base unit.

6. A box of camphor tablets.


1. Place the Smart Fire instrument in the centre of the house or room or your working table or in your prayer room/altar.

2. Take the round ceramic vessel in your left palm. It should be placed in such a way that it fits in the hollow of your palm like a bowl.

3. Take the camphor tablet and place it in the centre of the ceramic vessel. There is a small concave place for it.

4. Place your right hand on the vessel such that you cover the vessel and the camphor tablet, (See Fig.)

5. Take a deep breath and repeat your positive wish for at least nine times. Follow this while visualizing that your wish has already been fulfilled. Your intense and positive wish has the ability to penetrate to the deepest level of the camphor tablet.

6. Set the ceramic vessel on the 8-directional altar. (See Fig.)

7. Light the camphor tablet.

8. PLace both your hands on the sides of the base unit. Repeat your wish till the fire gets extinguished. (See Fig.)

9. Repeat this process at least once every day.

10. Important note: Do not use this instrument in any bathroom or toilet.

11. Power Tip:

. For the first seven days it is advisable to perform the Smart Fire in each and every room of your house or workplace to get better results.

. If you have any specific problem or trouble, then you can perform Smart Fire for at least two times a day until that problem has been resolved.


For Home: When performing Smart Fire at home it is ideal to cleanse the whole house at lease once a week and to perform Smart Fire in the center of the house twice daily for maximum benefits.

To cleanse the house there are three simple rules-

Rule 1: Cleanse from Top To Bottom. This is for multi-storied houses. Start cleasing with Smart Fire from the top most floor and thengradually come to the lower floors. (See Fig.)

Rule 2: Cleanse from Back to Front. This means that by taking the entrance of your house as front, you should start cleansing with Smart Fire from the rooms that are behind and then proceed to the rooms in the front. (See Fig.)

Rule 3: Cleanse from Center to the Periphery. First perform the Smart Fire in the center of the house and then in adjacent rooms and likewise proceed to rooms on the outer periphery. For a better and clearer understanding see the illustration. (see Fig.) For Work Place: Perform Smart Fire once daily at the center of your working desk.


Perform Smart Fire at least 6 times in a day when someone in the house is not well. For healers it is advised to perform Smart Fire once before starting each treatment and once after each patient leaves. Repeated cleansing especially for sick people and in clinics and treatment centers removes negativity and increases the positive energy in the room for optimum healing.


Millions of photons that are released when performing Smart Fire can be used to initiate healing and to communicate with the core of each and every cell of our body. The altar of Smart Fire that has 8 clear quartz healing crystals has been specially designed for this purpose. Refer to the chart given below as a reference to understanding the property represented by each crystal. Perform Smart Fire and let the fire in the center extinguish. Pick the required directional crystal and place it on the required part on the body. Place the left hand with palm touching the crystal and your body and then place the right hand on top of the left hand. Now, practice Smart Breath for maximum healing to take place.

A. Brain, Mind, Nervous system, Bronchial Tubes, Thyroid, Lungs, Tongue, Speech, Hands, Arms, Mouth, Problems tend to be changeable in nature.

B. Blood, Liver, Pancreas, Pituitary Gland, Sciatic nerve, Tumors, Disposition of fats, Obesity, Arteries, Pleura, Right Ear, Intestines, Problem of excess, meaning increase in blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, excess a Back, Spine, thymus, Problems arising from Cold like cold climate or food etc, accumulation of fats etc.

C. Heart, Vitality, Blood circulation, Back, Spine, thymus, Problems arising from Cold like cold climate or food etc.

D. Throat, Chin, Complexion, Kidneys Lumbar region, Parathyroid, Veneral disorders, Glandular swellings on neck. Problems caused due to excess of pleasures.

E. Nose, Muscular and urogenital system, Ovaries and Testes, Adrenals and Suprarenal, Red Blood Corpuscles, Kidneys, Problems that arise due to resistance to disease, inflamatory disorders and elimination of toxins.

F. Excretory system, Skin diseases, Ulcers, Diseases of phlegm, Alimentary canal, Psychic disturbances, Leprosy, Cancer, Problems of the kind that enter the body it is difficult to remove.

G. Skeleton, Gall Bladder, bile, Spleen, Teeth, Nails, Vagus Nerve, Joints, Problems those are chronic and debilitating.

H. Breasts, Nipples, Alimentary canal, Digestive juices, Lymphatic system, Nervous system, Glands, emotions. Problems that have functional disturbances.


Look up the description and benefits in Pyramid Yantra for Vaastu Book on Page 77

1. Smart Fire should not be performed in bathrooms and toilets.

2. Smart Fire must be left in a place of easy access and is to be done once a day. Alternatively, a healer can do it at the start of every healing session.

3. One Smart Fire instrument is ideally meant to cleanse and heal at one single area. If you need to use Smart Fire instrument in the house, office and clinic, then you will require separate instruments.